Deborah Crafts RGN INP

I am an NMC registered Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Independent Nurse Prescriber and a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN), The Aesthetic Complications Expert Group (ACE Group) and the British Dermatological Nursing Group (BDNG). My long-term passion has been to help people reach their full potential in creating healthy skin and enhancing their appearance using the most well researched techniques and products available.


My nursing career began in 1989, and I practised for the following 14 years within the NHS until I changed paths in 2003 and moved into the wonderful world of aesthetic medicine where I have specialised ever since.


I have vast experience in the aesthetic sector, having previously owned and practised in my own Care Quality Commission registered aesthetics clinic where I specialised in laser treatments and other adjunct therapies for a wide range of skin concerns. Over the years my interest has increasingly leaned towards cosmetic injectable procedures as I witnessed the advances in this field and the ability these procedures had to improve skin health and enhance the appearance and, perhaps more importantly, the positive effect they can have on a persons self-confidence and well-being.

My aesthetic skills have been mastered through being taught and mentored by some of the most experienced medical aesthetic practitioners in the sector and I am actively involved in my Continued Professional Development by regularly updating my skills so that I can provide my patients with the most current and effective treatments for their individual needs.


My desire is to utilise my training and skills to provide the best service I possibly can, with patient satisfaction and safety my priorities. Part of my professional role is to provide guidance to my patients. As their best interests are always uppermost in my mind, I always ensure that every treatment I provide will be of benefit and are both cosmetically and medically appropriate for each particular individual. Through the popularity of social media, most people are more aware than ever of the non-surgical cosmetic treatment options available to them but it is important to remember that not one size fits all. You are unique, your face is unique and as no two people will require the same approach. My aim is to work together to ensure you receive bespoke treatment with natural looking results based on your individual needs.

The Aesthetics industry is fast paced with ever evolving technologies, new products and techniques and with this in mind, I place great importance on keeping my skills and knowledge in aesthetics up-to-date so that my patients will benefit from the safest and most effective current procedures. As in all areas of healthcare, aesthetic treatments, even in the most experienced hands, do not come without the risk of potential side effects. My priority is to be a skilled and safe practitioner so that I can not only minimise these potential risks but to also deal with them safely and effectively should they occur. 

I only use the highest quality UK manufactured products with a history of safety and efficacy, distributed by specialist pharmaceutical companies to ensure you will only receive genuine products.




Qualifying as a Registered General Nurse in 1992 I practised predominantly as a specialist nurse in Intensive Care of the Newborn, where attention to detail and the ability to effectively assess my patients often complex needs provided a perfect foundation for my move into medical aesthetics. My initial aesthetic training began in 2003 as a nurse practitioner at one of the first cosmetic laser skin clinics in Nottingham where I trained in skills specific to assessing and treating the aesthetic patient and I qualified both in using lasers and light based systems for a large range of skin conditions and best practice in the use of botulinum toxin for facial muscle relaxing.
As founder, lead clinician and Care Quality Commission registered manager of my own laser skin clinic from 2006, I spent the next 10 years, until 2016, providing effective holistic care to patients with both cosmetic and medical skin concerns. Subsequently, to compliment my original botulinum toxin training, I completed numerous training courses to an advanced level specifically in cosmetic injectable treatments, including facial anatomy training with expert anatomist and Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah at the Royal College of Surgeons.  More recently, I have qualified as an Independent Nurse Prescriber which has not only enabled me to prescribe medicines but has consolidated my consulting skills,ensuring my patients experiences are as streamlined and as safe as possible.

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