lip enhancement

Price: from £250 per treatment

Procedure time: from 30 minutes (estimated)

Number of treatments: dependent on desired results

Anaesthetic: topical anaesthetic cream

Recovery time: 2-14 days (estimated)

Duration of results: 6-18 months dependent on product type & individual metabolism

what can lip enhancement do for me?

The lips are often a focal point of the face but, with age, they can lose their plumpness and volume. In addition, the tissue surrounding the mouth can also lose collagen and this loss of supportive tissue can collapse the lip corners and we end up with a down-turned mouth giving us that “sad” look – even when we are not feeling sad! Or, it may be that altering your lip shape and proportion will simply create more balance to your facial features. Dermal filler lip enhancement is a popular treatment which can help with a variety of common concerns by:

  • giving lips a more youthful appearance

  • hydrating the lips

  • increasing volume to make thin lips appear fuller

  • reshaping uneven lips

  • achieving a more defined smile

  • turning the corners of the mouth upwards

  • achieving balance between the lips and other facial features


Modern lip fillers are soft, flexible and can achieve beautiful natural looking results lasting between 6 to 18 months, depending on which type of filler is used. I use several different well established and researched brands of hyaluronic acid based filler which vary in effect and longevity so that I can tailor treatments to individual requirements. 


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