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As an aesthetic medical professional, my services would not be what they are without insisting on an initial assessment consultation with all new patients who come to see me. The consultation gives us a valuable opportunity to have a little time to get to know each other, where we can look in-depth at your concerns and discuss the options available to you. Getting to know my patients and the expectations they hold about the end results they want to achieve means that I can accurately tailor each individuals treatment plan to best reach the outcome they are hoping for and ensure they are appropriately supported throughout their treatment journey.

The initial consultation takes approximately one hour and is free of charge, however, I do ask for a £50 deposit when booking a treatment and this is fully redeemable against the cost of the procedure.

why do I need a consultation?

The pre-treatment consultation is the first major step towards gaining important information that enables the practitioner to develop a safe, effective and appropriate treatment plan. It also allows an insight into the patients motivations and aspirations for seeking non-surgical cosmetic treatment.


Whatever a persons motivation for wanting treatment, it is crucial that they are informed of the risks as well as the benefits. This allows realistic expectations of what can be achieved through the procedures on offer and also allows the medical practitioner  the opportunity to obtain the patients informed consent to undertake the treatment (required by law).


An in-depth consultation also helps the medical practitioner to be certain that factors relating to a patients past or present medical history will not create an unacceptable treatment risk.

Importantly, having an initial consultation appointment before booking in for your treatment also allows a cooling off period which gives you the chance to consider the information you have been given and decide if you still want to go ahead.

what it consists of:

Establishing patient concerns regarding their skin/appearance and their desired outcome of treatment

A comprehensive medical history

A physical clinical examination of the treatment area

Photographs may be taken of the treatment area

Discussion of suitable treatments, including:

  • Their benefits and potential results achievable

  • How the treatment is carried out 

  • Pre and post treatment care

  • Limitations of treatment

  • Potential side effects and how to minimise the risk of these

  • Alternative treatment options


   And, of course, you'll have plenty of opportunity to have your   own questions answered!


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