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A good home skin care regime can complement in-clinic aesthetic procedures or be used alone to encourage healthy skin function. If you want to know how to improve your skin and make it as healthy and glowing as possible, then I am able to offer you specialist advice to help you achieve these goals. With over 16 years experience in caring for a wide range of skin conditions from sun-damage to rosacea, and having access to the most up-to-date research on effective treatment methods and skin care products, I can recommend those that I have found to genuinely provide the best results.

While over the counter skin care products are improving all the time, they are generally not as affective as cosmeceutical skin care with their research based formulations and higher levels of active ingredients. Attempting to find what suits you through trial and error can leave you with a cupboard full of half used creams and potions that have cost you a small fortune. Should something stronger be required, I can also prescribe medicines to treat minor skin concerns


After a thorough assessment consultation including your current skin product choices, a medical history and a review of your diet and lifestyle choices, I can recommend the best cosmeceutical home use skin care regime for your individual skin type to correct and maintain the healthiest skin possible.

Skin Consultation with personalised  skin care prescription £100


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