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Modern anti ageing treatments are becoming as popular with men as they are with women. Generally, men and women are looking at achieving the same aims with my treatment - to improve specific conditions and obtain an overall rejuvenated look. With the aid of modern treatments combined with a good on-going skin care regime it is possible to reduce your perceived age whilst still maintaining  a masculine appearance. You can also actively fight the ageing process effectively by adopting certain habits and adding a few products to your grooming arsenal.


When it comes to facial aesthetics, men have a very different set of considerations to take into account. Men’s skin tends to be thicker and therefore, potentially more difficult to treat, facial muscles are much stronger and also the outcomes required can be very different to those of a woman. These factors are all taken into consideration during your initial assessment and when recommending which facial treatments will be the most suitable.


I offer a full range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments for men including facial contouring, wrinkle reduction, anti-ageing, blemish removal and personalised skin care . 


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