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Profhilo - the secret weapon in revamping your skin

If there was an anti-ageing treatment for the skin that plumped, hydrated, corrected laxity and fine lines, created luminosity and reduced the appearance of pore size, would you be interested?

Well, Profhilo does exactly all those things - it's a revolutionary injectable treatment based on advanced hyaluronic technology that's been an absolute game changer in the aesthetics world due to it's simple administration technique, absolute minimal recovery time and impressive results.

Profhilo has the ability to remodel the skin so that it looks and functions in a healthier and younger way and, in my opinion, far surpasses other, more invasive, treatments available aimed at improving the skin by promoting collagen production. Whilst procedures such as skin needling and fractional lasers may remain good choices for skin concerns such as scarring, when it comes to general anti-ageing of the skin, Profhilo would be my treatment of choice. It really does provide amazing positive changes in my patients skin in a reasonably short space of time with long lasting results that continue to improve with only periodic top-up treatments and it's an excellent treatment to compliment other medical aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox as it addresses skin concerns that these treatments are not designed to treat.

Not only does it remodel ageing and sagging skin by stimulating the collagen it so desperately needs to remain supple and plump, it also acts as an internal moisturiser, to hydrate and replenish the skin. It is formulated with one of the highest levels of hyaluronic acid available which enables it to achieve hydration levels that far surpass those that topical moisturising creams can obtain. Although it is an injectable hyaluronic acid product, it is not the same as traditional dermal fillers using the same ingredient which are supposed to remain in the area they're injected, designed to plump out lines and replace lost facial volume.

Profhilo is administered in five small injections to each side of the face and is formulated to diffuse throughout the skin where it continues to stimulate your own collagen production. Depending on the condition of your skin before treatment, either two or three Profhilo treatments will be required initially at four week intervals and then a single top-up treatment is recommended approximately every six months. If top-up treatments are maintained at regular intervals, the results of Profhilo continue to improve, each one building on the last.

Although I would recommend ensuring your general skin condition remains optimum by maintaining a proper skin care regime using good quality products (including applying a daily SPF), Profhilo treatment will remodel your skin internally to achieve results that topical skin care products simply cannot.

During my long career as an aesthetic nurse I have seen many skin treatment innovations come and go, with some being more effective than others, but Profhilo bio-remodeling treatment is really proving to be a winner and has become my go to choice for those wanting to get their skins glow back. To find out more about Profhilo treatment and how it can help your skin, arrange your personalised consultation with me at DC Aesthetics.

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